The New Layout

As you can obviously tell, I haven't been able to blog lately and I updated the layout to something that suits my current style more. I have been busy with school and other things that are, sadly, more important than blogging. I wish I could catch everyone up with what has been happening to me but that would require a really long time so I'll just start with today.

I went to the mall today and got a new pair of Vans. My old pair (the ones with balloons from forever ago when I first started blogging) was starting to tear apart. My new pair is part of the Robots collection.


My new BambooFun

Hi,this is Anla,using her new BambooFun. I took a break from Blogging but now I'm back! I took a break from knitting and still hasn't recovered yet. In case you don't know, a BambooFun is a penpad.I use it to draw. I have ALOT to talk about but that will hafta wait till tomorrow.


Junior High Scares Me

As y'all know, I've just started junior high and the thing that bothers me is the extreme differences of some people. For example, some kids do drugs while others have never even touched a beer bottle. I didn't really know anyone ever on the bad side of the differences except now. There's a rumor saying someone (I'll call her M) is pregnant. Like, there are some girls in my grade that have never even had a crush! M was in my class in 1st grade which was a long ago and she was kinda my friend before she became popular so I kinda hope it's not true but kinda not care at the same time.


I hate Ike

I hate Hurricane Ike. I know have no school or anything but the power went out for 4 days (it went back on yesterday) and a couple of trees fell down and one made a hole in my roof. I would post some post-hurricane pictures but I didn't take any (unfortunately). School's out for the rest of the week so yay for that.


New School

I started school on August 25 at a new school. The school's HUGE and I have a lot of homework so I have no time to knit and do my other hobbies.
Today was the first day of PE and we had to run around the football field/track while the cross-country kids called us wimps for not able to run 5 miles without wanting to pass-out. The locker rooms also stink so my friends and I are planning to each bring a bottle of perfume or body spay to make the place smell pretty.


Starting over

I haven't posted in a while and so many exciting things have happened and I don't know where to start so let's start all over.

School's starting on Monday. I'm starting junior high so I have to change schools. I missed orientation so 1. I don't have my textbooks 2. I haven't met my teachers 3. I couldn't get help with my locker the day I went to get my schedule because it's jammed.


On Vacation

As you know, I'm on vacation and most places in China have no internet so:
1. I can't blog
2. I can't email
3. I have no contact with the outside world
4. Rachel is being crazy and saying I died and went to heaven
5. uuuuh... I don't know. I just think there should be a number 5

When I go back to The Woodlands, I'll post my vacation pictures for everyone to see.
BTW, I'm in Huhhut, Inner Mongolia.

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